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Techno / Dub Techno

Displaced EP
Blind Spot Music has just passed its first anniversary and this is our 10th release already.

This time we have got something special for you. After great releases on Frappant and Lifetime labels, the German Philipp Kipphan landed on Blind Spot Music. He produced a dark, atmospheric but driving kind of three trackers EP the Displaced with proper dancefloor fillers on it. Expect the unexpected.

Displaced Remixes EP will be out by the end of the year.
artist biography
The 26 year old DJ and producer Philipp Kipphan is based in the city of Heidelberg, in south germany, running his studio, office and his own regular clubnight.

As a young kid he grew up with the music from bands such as Metallica, ACDC and Nirvana. His dad recorded him tapes with those bands songs, that young Philipp listened to over and over again.

His DJ carreer on the other hand began with his fascination for "The Prodigy". Soon he started playing at local Breakbeat events. So he discovered his love for straight and rough beats, that he found in Techno. This diversity of influences on his music career lead him to be the musician Philipp Kipphan is today. His productions are fresh and driving and he is daring for something new, regardless of the trend.

As Techno didn’t have a homebase in Heidelberg at that time, he started his own clubnight in 2009 that he called „Auf & Davon“, (up and away). Philipp Kipphan impresses his audience by his collection of records, which includes a mixture of extraordinary and impulsive tracks. His sound is a crossover between dubtechno and straight techno, especially representing rough and distorted sounds with a dirty touch. His reputation spread like wildfire and soon lead him to DJ gigs all around the country, from Hamburg to Munich. 2010 was the time for his first guestshows in other european countries beeing an ebassador of pulsing techno.

Philipp Kipphan

Displaced EP

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Philipp Kipphan

Displace (Original Mix)


Philipp Kipphan

LofiTech (Original Mix)


Philipp Kipphan

Blind (Original Mix)

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