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Virgil Enzinger

bs195 / Techno / 18.02.2013

artist biography

Virgil Enzinger is an outstanding Techno Producer, Live Act and DJ. Virgil is widely regarded as the original creator of the dark techno genre.

Virgil's music carries a distinctive mark and he has irresistibly drawn the attention of the audience in clubs and on festivals such as KAZANTIP Z19 2011 (Ukraine), A-ZOV Festival (Sea Of Azov, Russia), NATURE ONE (Frankfurt, Germany), DEFQON 1 (Amsterdam, Holland), TRESOR (Berlin, Germany), MISS LIBERTINE (Melbourne, Australia), FABRIK (Madrid, Spain), U60311 (Frankfurt, Germany), FORSAGE CLUB (Kiev, Ukraine), etc.

Virgil has worked with artists such as Chris Liebing, The Advent, Ryuji Takeuchi, Sven Wittekind, Eric Sneo and many more. He has released his music on labels like I.CNTRL, CLR, Kombination Research, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Codeworks, Planet Rhythm, Naked Lunch, Masters of Disaster, etc.

Virgil has done numerous remixes for Ken Ishii, Sven Wittekind, Bas Mooy, Tom Hades, Brian Sanhaji, Glenn Wilson, A. Paul and many others. His tracks, mixes and remixes are standard repertoire on radio shows such as Dave Clarke's WHITE NOISE or Dr. Hoffmann's BLINDSPOT.

Virgil is running two successful exclusive labels - I.CNTRL for Dark Techno and U.CNTRL for Dark Electronica. All releases on I.CNTRL and U.CNTRL are available on Beatport and all other major download portals worldwide. For the latest updates on Virgil Enzinger's Dark Techno releases check his Soundcloud page.

In 2011, Virgil started the live cooperation project I.CNTRLive together with label manager and live act Roland Abel. The premiere took place at KAZANTIP Z19 2011 in August. The project will be the core of the 360° I.CNTRL World Tour 2012 - 2013.

Blind Spot Radio Show 195

Virgil Enzinger & Dr Hoffmann



Blind Spot Radio Show 195 | Virgil Enzinger & Dr Hoffmann

01. Taos Hum - Burn Out The Core (U.Cntrl)
02. Virgil Enzinger _ Incarnation Of Emptiness Part 1 (U.CNTRL)
03. Ryuji Takeuchi - What Lies Beyond (LSN)
04. Virgil Enzinger & Björn Torwellen - Our Spiritual Condition (I.CNTRL)
05. Virgil Enzinger - Zero Deities (U.Cntrl)
06. Virgil Enzinger - Breath of Shadow (I.CNTRL)
07. Virgil Enzinger - Triune (I.CNTRL)
08. Lex Gorrie - Playing with Fire (Virgil Enzinger Remix) (Sleaze)
09. Syncope - Posaunen der Apokalypse (U.CNTRL)
10. Virgil Enzinger - Metanola (U.CNTRL)
11. Virgil Enzinger - Protectors of the Endless (U.CNTRL)
12. Virgil Enzinger - Incarnation of Emptiness Part 2 (U.CNTRL)