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bs202 / Techno / 08.04.2013

artist biography

Spiriakos, one part of well-known duo Steen & Spiriakos, is now coming up with his solo project which is focused on live performance and solitaire producing.

In year 2011 he played in legendary Berlin club Tresor and he realised that techno music is his live and engine as well. Spiriakos is still trying to improve his skills and make the best in every EP that he released.

You can see the progress the same as The Advent has seen the talent in him.  Cisco gave him the opportunity to make a remix for Tiga and Zombie nation (a.k.a. ZZT) and now we can looking forward to the next cooperation...

Blind Spot Radio Show 202

Spiriakos & Dr Hoffmann



Blind Spot Radio Show 202 | Spiriakos & Dr Hoffmann

01.Johnny Kaos & Hollen - Kripton
02.Nois - Grab Somedoby (Dosem Remix)
03.Marco Bailey & Filterheadz - Mansion
04.Tom Hades - Shap Shoy
05.A.Mochi - C2M (Gary Beck Remix)
06.Spiriakos feat. Makarov & Steen - Where Are You
07.Industrialyzer - Bring it Back
08.Axel Karakasis - Deeper Shade
09.The Advent & Spiriakos - Point Of No Return (Filterheadz Remix)
10.Spiriakos feat. Makarov&Steen - Restless Riders
11.Spiriakos - Subcharger
12.Dj Ladida & Dany Rodriguez - Substancia (Redhead Remix)
13.The Advent & Spiriakos - Point Of No Return