Dr Hoffmann

Spark Taberner

bs240 / Techno / 13.01.2014

artist biography

From the biggest Festivals to the most darkest underground clubs and locations, Spark Taberner from Rotterdam - Holland is most known for his technical precision and his communicative DJ style, this makes him a true gentleman behind the decks, an artist whose sets are passionate and powerful. With 15 years of experience as a dj, producer, event organiser and labelmanager, he has played at some of the best clubs and events worldwide, like for example Tresor, Awakenings, Fabrik and Transformatorhuis. His constant enthousiasme and passion has been rewarded with releases on many successful labels like Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Hidden and Planet Rhythm. His infamous remix of Mike Humphries' 'Tactical Recon' was chosen by internationally acclaimed DJ Dave Clarke as one of the best tracks of 2010. Recently he has been nominated for best Dutch Techno Producer in 2012 wich showed his reputation in the Dutch Techno scene. The fact that he is one of the top names on many labels resulted in endless support by artists like Dave Clarke, Adam Beyer, Gary Beck, Alan Fitzpatrick, Slam and many more.

Blind Spot Radio Show 240

Spark Taberner & Dr Hoffmann



Spark Taberner is returning to Dr Hoffmann's Blind Spot Show after such a long time with another massive techno mix. You can hear from Dr Hoffmann and mix that he recorded couple of weeks ago for the Amazone Records Podcast and its featuring some of his favourite tracks of the past few months as well as the Doc's remix for Distale that came out on Amazone. Enjoy


Blind Spot Radio Show 240 | Spark Taberner & Dr Hoffmann

Dr Hoffmann - Amazone Podcast

01. Marco Asoleda – Blind (Niereich Remix) / Blind Spot Music
02. Distale – Pxl 88 (Dr Hoffmann & Gabeen Remix) / Amazone
03. Noods – Peron (Peja Remix) / Amazone
04. Empty Room - Coin (Ricardo Garduno Remix) / Amazone
05. Kwartz – 22.0 (Original Mix) / Zer Twenty Two
06. Scalameriya – Lockdown (Original Mix) / Planet Rhythm
07. Angel Alanis – Bottlepop (Krenzlin & Diego Hostettler Remix) / Illegal Alien
08. Acidulant – Attack Of The Machines (Exec’s Rough Machine Remix) / Bass Assault
09. Black Smoke – Ton (Original Mix) / Switch Off
10. Sven Wittekind – Explosion (Original Mix) / Sick Weird Rough
11. Darpa – War Is Near (Deh-Noizer & Electrorites Remix) / Seqtor
12. Albert Kraner – Fight For Life (Deh-Noizer Darkside Remix) / Lw Recordings
13. Fabrizio Pettorelli – Work It (Original Mix) / Shout
14. Dolby D & 2loud – Propulsiv (Original Mix) / Blind Spot Music
15. Gabeen & Dr Hoffmann – Crunchy Bones (Michael Schwarz Remix) / Clutch Control
16. Gabeen – Chirality (Original Mix) / ?

Spark Taberner:

01. Markeleylatrup - Illuminati
02. Ron Costa - Litcue
03. Thomas Kaire & Ruiz Sierra - Patriots (Alberto Ruiz & Alexander Laurell remix)
04. Alberto Ruiz - Metamorphosis
05. MdS & Gymmy J - Hood
06. Vlad Hook & Vilence - CO2 (Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl remix)
07. Mattew Jay - Gemini Faces (MiniCoolBoyz and NHB bad faces remix)
08. Green Velvet & Japanese Popstars - Matter of time (Coyu remix)
09. Patch Park - Random Person
10. Steve Judge - Fraaz
11. Alberto Ruiz & Siles - Oscillators (Alex Mine remix)
12. Marc B - Facing Each (Alberto Ruiz & Alexander Laurrell remix)
13. Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink - Launch (Tommy DeClerque remix)
14. Miquel - Dreams of the titans
15. Kostas Maskalides - Sodom