Dr Hoffmann

Ryuji Takeuchi

bs236 / Techno / 10.12.2013

artist biography

Ryuji Takeuchi was born in osaka, and then first contacted with electronic music in the early 90s. In the late 90s, he moved to the united states, where he started to spin at partied with his friends. At that time, he played across techno, electro and house music no matter how he wanted.

As soon as he got back he obtained 2 turntabels and a mixer, so that he check out a lot of records for inspirations. For that moment, he was interested in various style of music, including even deep house, jazz and ambient. After that, he got a sampler and sequencer to start his career as a producer, eventually learned programming and editting.

That was the time when he unconsciously established his studio skills to transform plenty of idea to evil productions. Then, he has recently founded his own imprint, 'local sound network' on which he intends to introduce talented producers from local to global. Through all the experiences, he's still looking for a way to inspire the world...

Blind Spot Radio Show 236

Ryuji Takeuchi & Dr Hoffmann



Ryuji Takeuchi from Japan is returning to Blind Spot this week for another amazing techno guest mix and a short chat about his new album "Beginning, End" on HueHelix as well as the releases on his own imprint Local Sound Network. You can hear in the show also Dr Hoffmann's hot techno pick of the week from artists such as Peter Van Hoesen, PVS, Mano, Mike Maass, Future 16 and three tracks from the monster 4 Years of Driving Forces Recordings Compilation. 


Blind Spot Radio Show 236 | Ryuji Takeuchi & Dr Hoffmann

Dr Hoffmann:

01. Gabeen & Dr Hoffmann - The Voyeur's Death (Original Mix) / LCR
02. Peter Van Hoesen - Challanger (Original Mix) / Tresor
03. PVS - Sunday Rhythm (Giorgio Gigli Remix) / H.Omework
04. Mano 200_2 / Mano
05. Mike Maass - Brood Dynamite (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix) / Hidden
06. Syntek & Audiolouis - Ryc (Raffaele Attanasio Remix) / Natch Records
07. Ricardo Garduno & Andre Ramos - Contact (Original Mix) / Driving Forces Recordings
08. Frank Savio - Driving Bells (Original Mix) / Driving Forces Recordings
09. Easah - My Own Thoughts (Original Mix) / Dark And Sonorous Recordings
10. Cortechs - Blood Stain (Original Mix) / Steil
11. Michael Schwarz - Batshit Insane (Original Mix) / Driving Forces Recordings
12. Future 16 - Vertigo (Paul Mac Remix) / Amazone

Ryuji Takeuchi:

01. Ryuji Takeuchi 'Shit Happens' (LSNDS 001)
02. Ben Gibson 'Siphon - Thomas Hessler Reconstruction' (CLFT REC 003)
03. Exium 'Grainer' (PSYCHOSKUNK 008)
04. Terrence Dixon 'Beat' (KNOTWEED 008)
05. Pehr Genlogue 'Disobedience' (DISTRA 001)
06. Moerbeck 'Numb It Down' (CODEISLAW 001)
07. Separate Minds 'Scattered Thoughts - Traversable Wormhole 2013 Revisit' (SGD 1361)
08. Subjected 'Rancor' (VAULT SERIES LP 001.1)
09. Angel Costa 'Black Arrow - Project 313 Remix' (IAR 108)
10. Oscar Mulero 'Resistance' (HHXV 001)
11. Jeff Rushin 'Obsceen - Giorgio Gigli Remix' (WMLTD 011)
12. Headroom 'Solar - Vincent de Wit & Bas Mooy Remix' (PATRN 018R)
13. PVS 'Arsenal - CNTRLS Remix' (M_REC_LTD 019)
14. Phase 'Mass' (TOKEN 003)
15. Rich Oddie 'Bloodstream' (SurfaceLTD 004)
16. Surgeon 'Over Kosovo' (4KLP 001)
17. NX1 'EOD 1' (END OF DAYZ 003)
18. Oscar Mulero 'Breakdown' (HHXV 001)
19. George Par 'Dwelling In Ignorance' (PAR WAX 006)