Dr Hoffmann

Ryuji Takeuchi

bs139 / techno / 30.01.2012

artist biography

Ryuji Takeuchi was born in osaka, and then first contacted with electronic music in the early 90s. In the late 90s, he moved to the united states, where he started to spin at partied with his friends. At that time, he played across techno, electro and house music no matter how he wanted.

As soon as he got back he obtained 2 turntabels and a mixer, so that he check out a lot of records for inspirations. For that moment, he was interested in various style of music, including even deep house, jazz and ambient. After that, he got a sampler and sequencer to start his career as a producer, eventually learned programming and editting.

That was the time when he unconsciously established his studio skills to transform plenty of idea to evil productions. Then, he has recently founded his own imprint, 'local sound network' on which he intends to introduce talented producers from local to global. Through all the experiences, he's still looking for a way to inspire the world...

Blind Spot Radio Show 139

Ryuji Takeuchi & Dr Hoffmann



Blind Spot Radio Show 139 | Ryuji Takeuchi & Dr Hoffmann

01. Lars Klein ‘The Man Without A Shadow’ (Local Sound Network 01)
02. Eigenes Rezept ‘Numb – Ryuji Takeuchi Remix’ (Blind Spot Music 013)
03. Cari Lekebusch ‘Abadeaqua’ (HPX 54.5)
04. Johannes Heil ‘Heiliger Bimm Bamm’ (Starkstrom Schallplatten 01)
05. Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl ‘Barotrauma – Octave Remix’ (Audio Stimulation 01)
06. Justin Berkovi ‘Zero Zero Two – Kyle Geiger Remix’ (SlapJaxx 29)
07. Silent Servant ‘Mad Youth’ (Sandwell District 17)
08. Ryuji Takeuchi ‘Possibility’ (HueHelix 04)
09. Edit-Select ‘Edit-Select 10 – Mark Broom Remix’ (Edit-Select 10)
10. Virgil Enzinger & Ryuji Takeuchi ‘No Matter What’ (I.CNTRL 11)
11. Ryuji Takeuchi ‘Heart Beats Tight’ (Local Sound Network 02)
12. Ryuji Takeuchi ‘Noch Nicht Nacht’ (Lost Demo 08)
13. Silent Servant ‘The Self’ (Sandwell District 17)
14. DJ Emerson ‘Brokery – Kalden Bess 5AM Remix’ (Ketra 36)
15. Gary Beck ‘Egoist – Speedy J Dub Tool’ (Electric Deluxe 15)
16. Audio Injection ‘Condition – Ryuji Takeuchi Remix’ (SiletSteps 04)
17. Ryuji Takeuchi ‘Heart Beats Solid – Audio Injection Remix’ (Local Sound Network 02)