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bs156 / techno / dub / 21.05.2012

artist biography

Born in 1986, had a near-instantaneous approach to music, that over the years has become an almost daily nourishment.

His musical hystory can be divided into 3 different periods: the first, in which dance & trance sounds started to refine his music tastes; the second, in which passion has shifted to a much more melodic music, much more “Holden style”; the third, in which, through participation at major international parties, Detroit techno and dark techno took supremacy over other styles.

But the real breakthrough came in 2010 year: the beginning of the friendship with many producers gave him the opportunity to unleash his creativity with many techno tracks, that are coming out on strong techno labels, like Ketra Records, Hybrid Confusion, Gynoid Audio, Elektrax Recordings, Toxicated Beats, Aurora Music, Heaven to Hell, Blind Spot Music, Shout Records, Take More Music (TMM), Black Reel, ReWashed LTD and more…

Now, with his friend and colleague Mas Teeveh, is running Archetypes Records, that is the outcome of a different vision of the dark sides of techno music: a great way to spread into the world his vision of techno movement... stay tuned!!!

Blind Spot Radio Show 156

Peder & Dr Hoffmann



Blind Spot Radio Show 156 | Peder & Dr Hoffmann

01. Onoffon - Variations (Manu C. & Michael Johnson remix) [promo]
02. Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Kraak 1 (Edit)Kraak 2 [KK Records]
03. Voidloss - Laughter fills the sky instead of rain (original mix) [Archetypes Records]
04. Audio Injection – Condition (original mix) [Silent Steps]
05. Woo York – Vacuum (Unbalance remix) [Techno.UA]
06. John Mitchell – LED (original mix) [Translucent]
07. Tex Rec feat Gracie – Evil Inside Me (SIDESTEP & Brian Sanhaji remix) [Sonata Music]
08. FabrizioLapiana – Signals (Edit Select remix) [Attic Music]
09. Super Io – Sauvage (original mix) [Elektrax Music]
10. DU71 – OrgaMeca [Archetypes Records]
11. unperson – Paradox (Forward Strategy Group remix) [Archetypes Records]
12. Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – Exit 23 (DU71 respectful bootleg) [promo]
13. George Lanham – Cambridge Offensive (original mix) [Pareto Park]
14. MattiasFridell – Cultural Mainframe (original mix) [Sonntag Morgen]
15. Tracy – Bonk (original mix) [Ketra Records]
16. HacklerandKuch – Grinder (JeffRushin remix) [Tanz Factory Records]
17. Peder – Neverending Path (Peja Infinite mix) [Blindspot Music]
18. Erik Tronik – H22 (Peder rough deconstruction) [Android Muziq]
19. Woo York – Dubmode (original mix) [The Zone Records]
20. Ryuji Takeuchi – Possibility (original mix) [HueHelix]
21. Delko – Radius (original mix) [Sonntag Morgen]
22. Peder – SM 4.0 (original mix) [Shout Records]
23. Setaoc Mass – Truferi (original mix) [Archetypes Records]
24. Cleric – Musk (original mix) [Archetypes Records]
25. UnamZetineb – Reaction (original mix) [Sonntag Morgen]
26. Peder - Deep Space Holes ( AnD deconstructive remodel) [Archetypes Records]
27. Das Bierbeben – Nihilit (original mix) [Shitkatapult]