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Mark Morris

bs245 / Techno / 17.02.2014

artist biography

He was born in Naples on 18 of November 1987; He doesen't give premature sings of his passion,but however he borns “with the headphone to the hears”. Even if he starts in late for the standards, Mark shoots ahead and at the age of 17 he start his artistic way patronizing the leading parthenopean clubs. He begin his first productions influenced from an espert dj with whom he will estabilsh a good friendship,his name is Thomas Pardo who had given him a great support. Mark's music increases, it started with tribal music influences that tormented that years...

Then he came off from that commercial ambit,marching side by side at electronic and minimal sounds approaching to techno.He varies his live from tech-house to progressive-house, touching hard techno and german minimal, appreciating electro music and remaining a big appraiser of producers like Riccardo Villalobos, Anthony Collins, his fellow-citizens Marco Carola, Cerrone, Vigorito and sacred monsters like Richie Hawtin . Starting his production in the year 2006, he is still engaged in frenetic and unremitting productions on his style waiting for some favourable relase. Now he is full engaged in the project of his label Ketra Records.

Blind Spot Radio Show 245

Mark Morris & Dr Hoffmann



New week, new show. This time Mark Morris is joining to Dr Hoffmann, whose release the Bipolar Sequencer is just out now on Blind Spot Music. Mark provides of course this week's guest mix as well as Dr Hoffmann is playing his techno hot picks of the week with lots upcoming materials on Blind Spot Music inside. Enjoy!


Blind Spot Radio Show 245 | Mark Morris & Dr Hoffmann

Dr Hoffmann:

01. Lucy – Follow The Leader (Original Mix) / Stroboscopic Artefacts
02. Federico Sahne – Auster (Original Mix) / Blind Spot Music
03. Ricardo Garduno – Ending (Original Mix) / Blind Spot Music
04. VSK – 3x3 (Original Mix) / Nulldreißig 030
05. Dorian Knox - STS-107 (Original Mix) / Blind Spot Music
06. Angel Costa – Blame (Andrea Beluzzi Remix) / Microfreak
07. Danny Smith – Deep Depth (Paul Nazca Remix) / Among
08. Alexander Vilar Diaz – Russian Way (Flex “Quadrian” Remix) / AK Lieder
09. Mark Morris – Bipolar Sequencer (Original Mix) / Blind Spot Music
10. HD Substance – The Fm Track (Original Mix)/ Evasion Room Records
11. Mark Morris – The Gallery Of The Afterlife (Gabeen & Dr Hoffmann Remix) / Blind Spot Music
12. Gabeen & Dr Hoffmann – Untitled / Tbc
13. Ceren Tekno – Angel 1 (Dr Hoffmann & Gabeen Remix) / Hard Drive
14. Luis Flores – Love Your Machine (Michael Schwarz Remix) / Micro.Fon
15. Petter B – Guns For Hire (Original Mix) / H-Productions
16. Alex Dolby – Morphosis (Original Mix) / Affect Recordings
17. Jonas Kopp – X (Original Mix) / Tresor

Mark Morris:

01. Bill Wolverine – Courage (Original_Mix)
02. Tuttle & Chich - Funktion (Original Mix)
03. Lucindo - Act 86 (Original Mix)
04. Shadow Runner - Without Resources (Original Mix)
05. Grg - Rainy Monday's (Original Mix)
06. Ben Gibson - Another Scene (Original Mix)
07. Gonzalo Md - Rigart (Original Mix)
08. Dan Blume - Natural Resources (Mas Teeveh Remix)
09. D. Carbone - The Hallucination (Call_It_Jesus)
10. 88uw - Everything Comes To An End
11. Julixo - Unknown Request (Original Mix)
12. Cindy - Asthma Stops Her From Living A Homosexual Lifestyle (Original Mix)
13. Antigone - The Fugitive (Original Mix)
14. Energun - On The Subway (Original Mix)
15. Birth Of Frequency - Location Of Star (Original Mix)
16. Gaja - B3 (Original Mix)
17. Michael Schwarz - You Can’t Dance To This Beat (Original Mix)
18. Deepbass - ??? (Nx1 Remix)
19. Intelsat 303 - Raping The Human Ears (Original Mix)