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Marco Asoleda

bs201 / Techno / 02.04.2013

artist biography

Marco Asoleda (Lyon-Fr / Amazone Rec / Coincidence / The Zone / Neverending / Naked Lunch)
French dj/producer since more than 15 years now, he had already made around 45 releases (vinyl & digital) on different labels and has received supports from headlining artists like: Laurent Garnier, SpeedyJ, Chris Liebing, Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarke to name a few…

Influenced & inspired by the essence of the underground & techno music in 2005, he create with D'Jamency "Amazone Records" and years after years become a solid techno label reference. His roster have some of the most world techno represented artists like: Perc, Audio Injection, Paul Mac, Angel Costa, Xpansul, S-ubmerge, El¬ectric Rescue, Tom Hades, Mike Wall, David Carreta, Axel Karakasis and many more as well as feedbacks and supports from all our techno lovers around the word.
In 2013 Amazone launch its sub division "Among", a more "open minded" techno vision approach, Amazone will be push more on "purist and underground" techno way.

His presentations live act or mix & FX are really appreciate, and his music travel him all around France: Inox, Rex Club, Nouveau Casino, 4sans, Villa Rouge, etc. and different countries: Mexico, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Italy...

Blind Spot Radio Show 201

Marco Asoleda & Dr Hoffmann



Blind Spot Radio Show 201 | Marco Asoleda & Dr Hoffmann

01. D'Jamency vs Marco Asoleda - Bordeaux Trip (Audio Injection Remix)
02. Mickael Davis Aka Dolby D – Ekxox (Mike Wall Remix)
03. Kereni - 1st Order (Paul Mac Remix) (Upcoming Promo)
04. Kereni - 2nd Order (Upcoming Promo)
05. Distale - PXL 88 (Upcoming Promo)
06. Marco Asoleda – Bounce (Audio Injection Remix)
07. Stefano Infusino – Space ( Flex "Deep Berlin Vision" Remix)
08. Asio Aka R-Play – Insert (Peja Remix)
09. Red Square - Into The Core (Upcoming Promo)
10. Future 16 - Collapsing Time (Upcoming Promo)
11. Lex Gorrie - The Sting (Upcoming Promo)
12. Peja - Spastics In The Atics (Upcoming Promo)
13. Logotech - Motorausfall
14. Marco Asoleda Vs Divai - Fusion 001 (PERC's Refusion Remix)
15. M.A.D.A vs Plankton – Krim (Marco Asoleda Vs Roman Kramer Remix)
16. D'Jamency vs Marco Asoleda - Bordeaux Trip (Tom Hades Remix)
17. Trebor Vs Plankton – Mommi (Mark Morris Remix)
18. Marco Asoleda - Big Up Warez (Stanny Franssen Detroit Remix)
19. Marco Asoleda Feat Drey – Carretta (David Carretta Remix)