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bs281 / Techno / 15.12.2014

artist biography

Komprezzor is not simply another gimmick or project trying to reach for the sky, fame or mainstream, in the contrary he prefers to stay hidden in the darkest corner of that old abandoned factory were you once wondered if you even had the guts to step in. The sounds and elements of his live sets are dark and dirty as if they had been extracted from a piece of literature by Edgar Alan Poe. Full of white noises and atmospheric riffs the percussive elements are extracted from classic drum machines; such as the legendary 808, 909, and 303 that slowly morph in to a hypnotic rhythm. Along with his live sets the Dj sets are also full of some of the dirtiest and darkest heart pounding Techno, no top 40 will ever make an appearance on his track list , interacting with up to 4 decks running at the same time and a few drum machines it will make you wonder if a third arm was present at the time of total dance floor destruction…

2014 has been a great year for Komprezzor so far he has been able to achive his main goal witch was to leave the computer in the studio and be able to bring his machines where ever he is comes, he is merely a medium or translator to the cry of the machines from synths to multiple drum machines interlacing into a one of a kind sound creating and stitching each element form scratch right on front of the audience eye’s.

Blind Spot 281

Komprezzor & Dr Hoffmann



We proudly welcome Komprezzor from Chicago on Dr Hoffmann's Blind Spot. He is providing your weekly dose of techno this time! Enjoy! 


Blind Spot 281 | Komprezzor & Dr Hoffmann

01. Drone Intro
02. Sintoma - Erasing Negative (Komprezzor Grinder rmx) / SecreTechno
03. Secluded – Obstacle (Truncate Jammin Mix) / Sleaze
04. Owslah - Inflight003 (Original Mix) / llegal Alien Records
05. 52.5111° N,13.4431°E_A.R.M_SecreTechno
06. Enqoded - Serum (Original Mix) / Reloading Records
07. Garrett Dillon - Untruths (Virulent Remix) / Dystopian Rhythm
08. Axkan – Flesh (Complicit Remix) / Grid Based Beats
09. Komprezzor - Modz (Ricardo Garduno's Drained Remix) / Reloading Records
10. Fixeer – Detic (Original Mix) / Vector Functions Records
11. Andre Ramos – Treasures (Justin Schumacher Remix) / Vector Functions Records
12. Virulent – Unfeeling (Original Mix) / Ill Bomb Records
13. HYSH? - 50 HZ Acid (Original Mix) / Illegal Alien Records
14. Anger - The King In Yellow (Template Remix) / Club Poison
15. Tim Vitek - Retroflexion (Drone Tool) / Grid Based Beats
16. VKMPFWGN - Acid Fallout (Original Mix) / Advanced
17. Submerge – Paranoid (Original Mix) / Impact Mechanics
18. Juice Weasel - Cloudy with a Chance of Techno (Komprezzor Extractor Rmx) / A Squared Muzik
19. Uron - Go Back (Cardao Remix) / Refluxed Records
20. Sintoma vs Komprezzor_Influence (Original Mix) / T.B.D.