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bs212 / Techno / 24.06.2013

artist biography

Klinika - hypnotic techno duo from Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

The project was created in autumn 2008 by two associates and friends - Vitaliy Mikhailyuk & Vitaliy Lupashko. Their sharing of general views on electronic music led to the creation of the "Klinika" project and its own musical style: techno with experimental atmospheres and emphasis on the dark side of the music of machines. From the first day they began to work with techno, which differed from mainstream, thus making it possible to develop a solid contingent of fans of non-standard sound. In spite of the fact that the duet came to music each by their own way, their production ideas combines ideally, giving birth to that unusual and interesting high-quality new sound.

One of the main advantages of the rapid development of their production is regular cultivation of their taste, skills and constant searching themselves in a diverse sound.

Klinika has earned a respected position in the techno scene and their sound is in the center of attention of few major underground techno labels of the movement.

Blind Spot Radio Show 212

Klinika & Dr Hoffmann



Blind Spot Radio Show 212 | Klinika & Dr Hoffmann

01. Klinika - Woch (Silent Tool) / Blind Spot Music
02. Alexey Volkov - Figure and Ground (Original mix)/ Planet Rouge
03. Chris Page - Counterfeit Innovator (Chris Finke remix) / Decoy
04. Klinika - Granit (Original Mix) / Dark & Sonorous
05. Rrose - Waterfall (Birth) / EAUX
06. Delusions - Death Tree (Ancient Methods Rearrangement) / Ballistic Delusions
07. Subjected - Rancor / Vault Series
08. AnD - Not A Sheep / Inner Surface Music
09. Klinika - Traveller / Labrynth
10. Positive Merge - Trouble (Klinika Remix) / Slap Jaxx
11. Scalameriya - Summoning Sequence / Genesa
12. Klinika - Woch (Voidloss Burning Angels For Warmth Mix) / Blind Spot Music
13. Klinika - Space It All / Unreleased
14. Voidloss - Ritual Murder / Singularity