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bs218 / Techno / 05.08.2013

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Since the late 80's, the icon of Luis Rozalén has been on the pages of Spanish electronic music. First as part of the technopop project “Ballet Mecanico” and lately as Hd Substance. Almost 20 years after, he's still there as DJ, producer and remixer. During these years his prolific output made him releasing 4 full length albums and more than 50 singles in the best labels around, ranging from every corner of electronic creation, being techno his primary output.

As a performer his live acts and DJ sets visited the best clubs and festivals around the globe. He runs his own label “Software Records” since 2004, now with 16 releases, being one of the most respected Spanish labels. Nowadays HD's career is on its optimum level, working alongside big names of the Detroit techno scene, creating District 909 (Analog live) with Tim Baker and working together on an album with Kelvin Sholar, keyboardist of Carl Craig's Innerzone Orchestra.

A long way run that started last century at the deepest underground, growing only with time like good liquors, which makes Luis’ the history of Spanish electronic music.Lately, he has been chosen the 4th best Spanish DJ in 2010 by renowned Spanish Go Mag., who also put Hardware into the best 50 albums in 2010. The LP has also been charted #3 in the best albums of 2010 by Klubbers.com, and #6 by Mondosonoro.

On 2011 was the re-birth of his label, “Software”, with great releases being prepared and supervised by Luis, including collaborations with Jay Denham, Scan 7, Tim Baker, Oscar Mulero, Victor Santana…

Blind Spot Radio Show 218

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Blind Spot Radio Show 218 | HD Substance & Dr Hoffmann

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