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bs129 / techno / 28.11.2011

artist biography

Gabeen[Gábor Bacsárdi] was born on the 13th of July in 1988 in Szekesfehervar, Hungary. He has actually never learnt playing on any instrument. Back in a few years, regarding music, his biggest influence was his brother /Xilinox aka The Bee/, because of him, he had to keep follow up on the yearly evented Mayday and Loveparade videos. Keep sneaking on his brother he`s learnt the basics of how to produce music. As his sound wasn`t the most proper in the beginning, he only presented his tunes to his friends, but in 2005 he started to care about it more seriously. It has taken quite a while to be able to find his own style, therefore at the very beginning he started with hard techno. His first official release came out on a Hungarian label so called Survival Records which unfortunatelly does not exist by now, than his next release followed on Audio Exit Records which can still be proud of thier nowadays activities.

after his first successes in Hungary, he`s tried to focus his attention over the boarder in order to make his name more remarkable. From the year of 2009, he simultaneously getting requests for albums and remixes. His most recent tracks already appeared on Blind Spot Music/UK/,Plastiq /DE/,Ketra/IT/,Naked Lunch/POR/We Call it Hard/DE/,Heaven to Hell/DE/,Gobsmacked/DE/
just to mention a few of them.

Some more informations about him and all of his releses so far, can be found over here: http://www.beatport.com/#artist/gabeen/98167

In the summer of 2010, one of GabeeN`s tune was played by famous Dave Clarke on White Noise radio show. Ever since Gabeen was played by Dave many times. Same year in corporation with his friend, Calman, they created the legendary party athem with the title of Showdown. This tune of theirs has made it`s way right on the toplist of an online records store, beside names like Carl Craig,Marcel Dettmann,Lucy,Robert Hood,Alan Fitzpatrik...in 2010, Gabben met Dr. Hoffmann (BLIND SPOT) and made their first collaboration track, furthermore they carried on working together. In january 2011, with his friend`s, Tosi`s help, Gabeen had a chance to run his own radio show on Fnoob radio which he named as "The Gates of Hell". On his show, there has already been some big names played, such as: Kuniaki Takenaga,Patrik DSP,Oliver Kucera,Sceptical C...in fabruary, 2011 Gabeen was invited to a club in his hometown and taken opportunity to play after Takaaki Itoh, to present himself with an hour liveset mash towards the public.

He already had gigs in clubs and radios in Budapest / Dürer-kert,Kashmir,Blog, Tilos Rádió/ and also in Dunaujvaros at Synopsis parties. In his hometown, Szekesfehervar he quite often peformes with his brother(Bacsardi Brothers formation) on smaller festivals like TechnOpen and Showdown parties. Abroad-wise, not so long ago, he had a chance to perfom on a Techno Beaty party in Prague. His music are sophisticate and genuine which are focused on dark noises, often broken rhythms accompanied with hard basslines.

Artist whom already supported his works: Dave Clarke,A.Paul,Vegim,Gayle San,Industrialyzer,Gary Beck,Lars Klein,Tommy Four Seven,Submerge,M_nus Records and many others.

Blind Spot Radio Show 129

Gabeen & Dr Hoffmann



Blind Spot Radio Show 129 | Gabeen & Dr Hoffmann

Gabeen @ Blind Spot:

01, GabeeN - Insanity
02, GabeeN - Dark Star
03, Xhin - You against yourself
04, Planetary Assault Systems - Cold boaster
05, Philipp Kipphan - LofiTech
06, Rory St. John - Sadbat
07, GabeeN & Tosi - Joovuh
08, GabeeN - Dark Nuances
09, Hans Bouffmyhre - Demon Within
10, Desonanz - Zeitverzoegerung
11, GabeeN - Chaos Theory
12, Bas Mooy - Betamax
13, A-Brothers - Basement Rocker (Dave The Drummer remix)
14, GabeeN - Lucifer
15, GabeeN & Tosi feat Gracie - Machine City
16, Hackler & Kuch - Duck & Cover
17, Luke Creed - The Theme (Space Djz remix)
18, Advenced Human - Interplanetary Assaults (Warehouse mix)
19, Reeko - Thick Matter
20, Ade Fenton - Alien Water (Advenced Human remix)