Dr Hoffmann

Federico Sahne

bs256 / Techno / 05.05.2014

artist biography

Federico Pannarale aka Federico Sahne is an Italy based Dj and Producer active in the north of italy's techno-scene in a town near Milan. 

Techno addicted from many years he decided to become a 'key-part' of his town techno-panorama buying a couple of cdjs and a mixer. 

He started to play in a lot of clubs including the most important parties in his area: Vanguard , Fluid Club and Bolgia in Bergamo. Recently he has also appeared into the line-up of Tresor (Berlin) and Le Pigallion (Paris).

Blind Spot 256

Federico Sahne & Dr Hoffmann



New week, new show. Welcome to the 256th Blind Spot. A massive EP is out this week on Blind Spot Music, it's the Chinook from Federico Sahne. You can check it on Beatport. Of course noone would be better guest than him, so please welcome Federico Sahne who is taking over the airwaves for the 60 minutes. Enjoy


Blind Spot 256 | Federico Sahne & Dr Hoffmann

01. John Torri - Decadence (Original mix) / Promo
02. Dj Datch - Cynical World (Original mix) / Natch Records
03. Max_M - 1001A / M_Rec Ltd 1001
04. Forward Strategy Group - Applied Generics C (Original mix) / Forward Strategy Group
05. RE:P - A.tomicity C.onsistency I.solation D.urability (Original mix) / Promo
06. Dubit - 7th floor (Fabrizio Lapiana Remix) / Natch Records
07. Mirror 1 - Verna (Original mix) / Out Electronic Recording
08. J.C. - Endurance (Original mix) / Deeply Rooted House
09. Dan Blume - upcoming on Funk You Rec.
10. Coefficient - Blood Red (Original mix) / M_Rec Ltd
11. Mas Teeveh - Selfmystification (Original mix) / Micro.fon
12. Federico Sahne - Chinook (Original mix) / Blind Spot Music