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Dorian Knox

bs237 / Techno / 16.12.2013

artist biography

Dorian Knox is one of the colourful characters of the Hungarian techno scene, since he represents a style, which has become a curiosity in the little country, called Hungary. He has been interested in playing music since the year 2000, around that time he prefered the more pleasant and popular type of sounds. Nowdays he has found his own musical taste, which is dark and industrial and it fits the most his personality to play with real passion. During the long process to found his style he experienced a lot and various factors affected and influenced his decision. One of those important milestones was the encounter with a Hungarian dj who had his record store, which was the way Dorian found the records and genres that are made his commitment to techno for a lifetime. In general he represents industrial, however we can find releases in his record case from Jeff Mills, Mark Broom or even The Advent, which expands his unique mixes. Due to his talent he gave his first gig during the summer in 2004 at Kashmir Underground while he was a resident for the Dirtybass and Listen to the Techno events. At this time he met with Wildcrush and they shared our passions and aspects about the electronic music. They were played memorable back2back sets in the early mornings. In 2005 until the year of 2006 he played an important role in the BudapesTechno movement as he was involved in the management part of the event as well. After all, one year residency followed his career in the music club, called Freeport. One year later he joined the Fuerza team where he had the chance to introduce his new side and present his altered musical vision. In 2009 he made his debut on Justmusic FM, which is the leader electronic music radio in the country.

For the first time he played in the ‘Mind the Tech’ radio shows. Meanwhile he started producing his own music with Ableton Live. In 2010 he moved to the only regular techno radio show on the channel – ‘Planet Radio Show’. Since then he performing there regularly and he is one of the unique artists who are playing monthly.

Under the name D.W. Sync Dorian and Wildcrush form a collaboration where they are create their own musical ideas with no boundaries attached. This project based upon music writing mainly, but they are collaborate on live events and promote their music to the audience as well.
He has already played with artists such as the Space Dj'z, Speedy J, Alan Fitzpatrick, Hans Bouffmyhre, Takaaki Itoh, Regis, Gary Beck, James Ruskin, Inigo Kennedy, Bas Mooy, Dustin Zahn, Dj Misjah, Sven Wittekind, Sasha Carassi and many more.

Blind Spot Radio Show 237

Dorian Knox & Dr Hoffmann



New week, new show. This week the hungarian Dorian Knox is joining forces with Dr Hoffmann and bring some techno madness to the airwaves. The show would not be complete the Dr Hoffmann's hot techno picks of the week so you can hear unreleased and just released materials from artists such us: Ryuji Takeuchi, Michael Schwraz, James Ruskin, Oscar Mulero, Pfirter, Bas Mooy, Audio Injection....sure, its worth to tune in.


Blind Spot Radio Show 237 | Dorian Knox & Dr Hoffmann

Dr Hoffmann:

01. James Ruskin – Slit / Blueprint
02. Oscar Mulero – Second Layer / Polegroup
03. Pfirter – Graviton / Polegroup
04. Mikael Jonasson – Quatar (Audio Injection Remix) / Ground Factory Records
05. MFR023_2
06. Israel Toledo – Breaking The Law / Assassin Soldier
07. Michel Lauriola – Ocol / Silent Storm
08. La Vitamin – Liberator (Philipp Centro Remix) / Silent Hell
09. Andrew Live – Affliction (Exor Goticz Edit) / Techno Pulse Records
10. Repete – Bells Of The Lost Souls (Andre Ramos Remix) / Illegal Alien Records
11. Distale – Pome00 / Blind Spot Music
12. Mind Machines – Mental (Delko Remix) / Propellant Music
13. Bas Mooy – Rage / Mord
14. Michael Schwarz – Organized (Ryuji Takeuchi Remix) / Local Sound Network
15. Gabeen & Dr Hoffmann –Crunchy Bones (Michael Schwarz Remix) / Crunch Control
16. Ryuji Takeuchi – Scattered (Gabeen & Dr Hoffmannn Remix) / Blind Spot Music
17. Davidchristoph – Inside Me / Focus Records

Dorian Knox:

01. Avadon - 001
02. Dorian Knox - Engram 1
03. These Hidden Hands - Diesel (Kanding Ray Remix)
04. Victor Martinez - Relay Truncate
05. Exium - Solar Masses
06. Lewis Fautzi & Nuklear Default - 1000
07. Drumcell & Material Object - Strumpet
08. Rraph - ESeries
09. Developer - Western Ways (Pfirter Remix)
10. Spherical Coordinates - SCFLS-17
11. Kwartz - Mind your Head
12. Sleeparchive - 8
13. Shxcxchcxsh - Rsrrctn (Shftd Rcnstrctn)
14. Jonas Kopp - M31
15. Lewis Fautzi & Nuklear Default - Turn
16. Planetary Assault Systems - Rip The Cut
17. Lucy - 201 Phasing (Chris Liebing Triple Bell Edit)
18. NX1 - P1