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bs062 / techno / 10.07.2010

artist biography

Inspired by the early electronic sounds of Detroit and Chicago, along with nascent German techno and the underground sounds of Belgian New Beat, Hi-Shock struck out on his own DJing career in 1988. Ever since – always striving to perfect his skills – he’s taken both vinyl-spinning and production work to the highest level.

In recent years Hi-Shock has developed and helms the wildly successful Elektrax Music label group (which includes Elektrax Recordings, Gynoid Audio, Android Muziq & Hypnotic Room). Simon has also released his own sounds through other labels like Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Brilliant, 70 Drums and IF? – along the way being charted and played by the likes of Tommy Four Seven, Luke Slater, Chris Liebing, Damon Wild and Dave Clarke amongst others.

On top of these inroads, DJ Hi-Shock has remixed the likes of Ken Ishii, Gayle San, Chris Finke, Bas Mooy, Virgil Enzinger, Kai Randy Michel, Ree.K, BCR Boys or Ade Fenton, and furthermore performed alongside a wad of ultimate DJ/producers like Sven Väth, Kevin Saunderson, Oliver Lieb, Thomas P. Heckmann, Commander Tom, Lenny Dee, Mijk van Dijk, Jammin’ Unit, Industrialyzer, and many more over the years.

Currently Hi-Shock’s trademark sound is a fusion of pounding drums, stunning percussion riffs and hypnotizing rhythms; while occasionally dirty it’s never less than pure, unadulterated…TECHNO.

Blind Spot Radio Show 062

Dj Hi-Shock & Dr Hoffmann



Blind Spot Radio Show 062 | Dj Hi-Shock & Dr Hoffmann

Dj Hi-Shock presents Elektrax Recordings SPECIAL - 10th July 2010 8pm

01. Thanatos - Skub (Bitch Shift Remix) [Elektrax Recordings - elek073]
02. Raditz Room - Methanol [Elektrax Recordings - elekcd002]
03. Woody McBride - Suitcase of Water [Elektrax Recordings - promo]
04. DJ Hi-Shock - Asama Express (Ken Ishii Remix) [Elektrax Recordings - promo]
05. Tuomas Rantanen - Mosaic (Spark Taberner Remix) [Elektrax Recordings - elek076]
06. ONIKS - Sowetan Toilet [Elektrax Recordings - elek079]
07. DJ Warp - Bamboo (Brian Burger Remix) [Elektrax Recordings - elek078]
08. DJ Hi-Shock - Asama Express (Michael Wenz Remix) [Elektrax Recordings - promo]
09. John Barlez - A Trip To The Moon (Barlez´s Environment Remix) Elektrax Recordings [elek077]
10. Pascal Mollin - Noizes (Flag75 Remix) Elektrax Recordings [elekcd003]
11. Gayle San - Mania (Glenn Wilson & Mattias Fridell Remix) Elektrax Recordings [elek075]
12. Larix - To Defeat (A.Paul Remix v.1) [Elektrax Recordings - promo]
13. Gayle San - Mania (DJ Hi-Shock's Vinyl Remix) [Elektrax Recordings - elek-rec003]
14. SERi - Lunar (Ree.K Remix) [Elektrax Recordings - elekcd003]

DJ Hi-Shock presents Gynoid Audio SPECIAL - 10th July 2010 9pm

01. Mark Morris - Spoken World [Gynoid Audio - promo]
02. Kai Randy Michel - Sea of Nothingness [Gynoid Audio - gynoidcd01]
03. Kroman Celik - Two Deces (BCR Boys remix) [Gynoid Audio - promo]
04. Ben Mill – Dancefloor Confessions of a Stalker (DJ Hi-Shock’s “Deep Space” remix) [Gynoid Audio - gynoidd001]
05. BCR Boys - Half Way To Nowhere (Kai Randy Michel remix) [Gynoid Audio - gynoidd003]
06. Virgil Enzinger - Subvoice (Kai Randy Michel Remix) [Gynoid Audio - promo]
07. Little Nobody - Metropolis How? (Justin Berkovi remix) [Gynoid Audio - gynoid.01]
08. Little Nobody - Metropolis How? (James Ruskin remix) [Gynoid Audio - gynoid.01]
09. BCR Boys - The Flux (DJ Hi-ShockRemix) [Gynoid Audio - promo]
10. Virgil Enzinger - Shadow of the Mind (Bas Mooy remix) [Gynoid Audio - promo]
11. Virgil Enzinger - Shadow of the Mind [Gynoid Audio - promo]
12. Virgil Enzinger - Shadow of the Mind (DJ Hi-Shock's Dark Dub) [Gynoid Audio - gynoidcd01]
13. Ben Mill – Dancefloor Confessions of a Stalker (Space DJz remix) [Gynoid Audio - gynoidd001]
14. Kroman Celik - Two Deces [Gynoid Audio - gynoidcd01]
15. iFormat – 0725 [Gynoid Audio - gynoidd002]
15. Kai Randy Michel – Amygdala - Part 2 [Gynoid Audio - promo]