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bs241 / Techno / 20.01.2014

artist biography

Stuttgart based producer and DJ „Dickslap“ is discovering and entering the techno scene since 2006 and had several collaborations with artists like Mark Morris, Michael Schwarz, Myler, Paralytic, Al Zwodezwo, Gene Karz, Kay Toand some more. The distinctive sound of Dickslap filled with pumping beats and a lot of dark atmosphere gave him some shows beside names like: Monoloc, Eric Sneo, Felix Kroecher, Stigmata, Sam Paganini, Daniel Portman, Michael Schwarz, Bjoern Torwellen, Deborah de Luca, Urbano and more. Always looking for the perfect sound and the right groove he is working on releases for labels like Steil, Hard Drive Records, Ausnahmezustand, Lunatic Asylum Records, just to name a few. For his first releases he already got some heavy support by artists like Dr. Motte, Chris Liebing, Slam, A. Paul, Patrick DSP, Audio Injection, Klaudia Gawlas, Linus Quick, DJ Shiva, JT Kyrke, Spark Taberner, Deh Noizer, Dr. Hoffmann, Trebor, DJ Ogi, Vegim, A-Brothers, Morgan Tomas, GabeeN, Go!Diva, Luke Creed, Flex, Diarmaid O'Meara, DJ Mita, De Hessejung, Mentalic, Mark Tourneur, Paralytic, Austin Knight, Stephan Koenigk, Mark Morris, Myler, Michael Schwarz

Blind Spot Radio Show 241

Dickslap & Dr Hoffmann



New week, new show. Dickslap from Stuttgart is joining us and Dr Hoffmann on Blind Spot Show for 60 minutes techno guest mix. Dr Hoffmann also providing a set from his hot techno picks of the week, few names: Dustin Zahn, Mark Morris, LAW, Radial, Max_M, JoyB, Servent and many more. Enjoy


Blind Spot Radio Show 241 | Dickslap & Dr Hoffmann

Dr Hoffmann:

01. Max_M – 1001A (Original Mix) / M_Rec Ltd
02. Radial – Excavated (Original Mix) / Radial
03. Hector Oaks – Strobing Morning (Original Mix) / Sonntag Morgen
04. JoyB – Aquilino (Original Mix) / Coum Records
05. Ricardo Garduno – Lie After Lie (Original Mix) / Brood Audio
06. Mael – Insulate (Rich Jones Remix) / Deadcert006
07. Dustin Zahn – New Day Rising (Restructured) / Enemy Records
08. Mark Morris – The Gallery Of Afterlife (Gabeen & Dr Hoffmann Remix) / Blind Spot Music
09. L.A.W. (Uk) – Repulse (Original Mix) / Illegal Alien Records
10. Spiros Kaloumenos – Waking Storm (Original Mix) / Focus Records
11. Servent – Stateless (Original Mix) / Downstream
12. Niereich & A-Brothers – Trinity Test (Sven Wittekind Mix) / Audio Stimulation
13. Tortured – Engine (Miss Electric Remix) / Dark And Sonorous
14. Fabrizio Pettorelli – Stay Umble (Original Mix) / Shout Records
15. Space Djz – Cairn (Flug Remix) / Clutch Trax
16. Ji@ - Mind Uploading (Original Mix) / Resiliens
17. Roberto Feat Envoy – Rings Of Smoke (Roman Landau Remix) / Elmart


01. Hans Bouffmyhre & Lex Gorrie - Identical Vocal Chords (Original Mix)
02. Extra Dry & Atie Horvat – Black Collab 01 (Original Mix)
03. Sven Wittekind – Devil Inside (Original Mix)
04. Ced Rec – Nightmare (Kevin Coshner Remix)
05. ZRK – Alternating Dark (Derek Pitral & Rob Kipara Remix)
06. Dickslap – Exorcism (Original Mix)
07. K-Freak – Buchah (Tete & Rinari Remix)
08. Sven Wittekind – Explosion (Original Mix)
09. Angel Costa – Clinofobia (Original Mix)
10. Paul Begge – Mess (Vincenn Remix)
11. Simo Lorenz – Hydrex (Original Mix)
12. Gene Karz - Agrees (Dickslap Remix)
13. Björn Torwellen - Banshee (Original Mix)
14. SHXCXCHCXSH - LTTLWLF (Original Mix)