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bs217 / Techno / 29.07.2013

artist biography

Salva Cotanda & David Sierra are Attemporal a collision of forces, veteran and young to provide the best musical creature possible: intelligent techno crafted slowly, where every part has it’s own meaning in the whole concept.

They don’t fit in the ‘track a day’ production dynamics, in fact they are not a product, they have a meaning and a duty, as Derrick May said once, this duty is to save the world from bad music.

Attemporal fights against bad music in two principal fronts, the studio and on stage.

In the studio each one provides the best audio elements, digital and analogue to craft their very own sound, focused on the dancefloor but with a strong ,mental approach.

You can now taste their releases on vinyl or cratedigger on the best digital retailers to get their tracks, on their own Att series or Microfreaklabels, as well as on classic imprints like Synewave or Software Records.

On the Dj booth, they still support the manual way of doing things, mixing with the old technics turntables as a very dynamic tag team, filling their sets with the best underground beats from the past and the future.

Briefing, true persons behind a true project on a mission to save techno from formulas and standarts.

Blind Spot Radio Show 217

Attemporal & Dr Hoffmann



Blind Spot Radio Show 217 | Attemporal & Dr Hoffmann

01. Cassegrain - Turn Aside.
02. Kwartz - Sinapsis
03. Surgeon - Muggerscum Out (Alex Smoke Remix)
04. Terence Fixmer - Rage (Alexey Volkov Remix)
05. Datura Dilema - Sistema Lejano
06. Adriana Lopez - Sequel
07. Radial - Asiel
08. Oscar Mulero - Transversal
09. Alpha Code & Future 16 - Recto (Tadeo Remix)
10.Oscar Mulero - Transversal (Sleeparchive Remix)
11.Radial - NYE
12.Takaaki Itoh - Dusker
13.Spherical Coordinates - Scmwy03
14.Drumcell - Rooted Resentment