Dr Hoffmann

Ascion and D.Carbone

bs244 / Techno / 10.02.2014

artist biography

Ascion and D.Carbone are an established duo of music producers in the techno scene. They both have been working on several collaborations together, including productions, remixes, various Live and DJ-sets.

To shape their musical development, Ascion and D. Carbone also use different aliases that have their origin in the names of the two record labels, 3TH records and REPITCH recordings, that they run together.

Raw, acidic sequences and no fear of distortion is best to describe the collaboration "3TH". 

Repitch, on the other hand, is an eclectic project that characterizes this duo without ever losing the hardness and tone. Their debut is released on the homonymous label with the EP that open the "Features series" including a remix of Mike Parker.

Further collaboration will feature the abstract side of Ascion as CSA and D.Carbone as Honzo joined together.

Blind Spot Radio Show 244

Ascion and D.Carbone & Dr Hoffmann



Dr Hoffmann has another great show in store for you! The Doc brings you his hot techno picks of the week from artists such as Petter B, Lucy, Aima, Luis Flores, Stigmata, Wunderblock and many more. Also he welcomes on the board Ascion & D.Carbone. Do not forget to check out their mind-blowing remix of Bas Mooy - King Of Echo Echo, came out last week on vinyl, on Blind Spot Music.


Blind Spot Radio Show 244 | Ascion and D.Carbone & Dr Hoffmann

Dr Hoffmann:

01. Pfirter – New State Of Consciousness (Lucy Remix) / Mindtrip
02. Rocco Caine – Code Sui / Driving Forces
03. Massimo Lannece – 48V (Tool) / Silent Storm
04. Aima – A (Kostnic Remix) B55R006
05. Petter B – Global Writes (Original Mix) / Modularz
06. Tim Kelly – Triolobite In Hell (Luis Flores Remix) / Driving Forces
07. Martin Hare – Tough Times (Ryuji Takeuchi Remix) / Emetic
08. Federico Sahne – Chinook (Original Mix) / Blind Spot Music
09. Anhile – 002 (Original Mix)
10. Scalameriya – Discharge (Stigmata Remix) / Driving Forces
11. Anhile – 006 (Original Mix)
12. Israel Toledo – Antrax (Original Mix)
13. Gabeen & Dr Hoffmann – Crunchy Bones (Lance Blaise Reshift) / Crunch Control
14. Zosima – Mishenakudo (Urbano Remix) / Vision Division
15. Korova – Transversally (NX1 Remix) / Shades
16. Wunderblock – Menthol Destruction (Acrodubedit) / Wunderblock
17. Alexander D’niel – Ellie (Mattias Fridell Remix) / Nulabel
18. Bas Mooy – King Of Echo Echo (Original Mix) / Blind Spot Music

Ascion & D.Carbone:

Live set, no tracklist is available!