nb034 / techno / 27.05.2012

artist biography

T.I.M's love for dark heavy pulsating beats and driving baselines comes from way back as far as he can remember. It certainly had nothing to do with musical influences from his parents Greece collection. He got his first set of decks at the age of 13 and spent many years locked in his room annoying the neighbours and parents with pounding beats. At the age of 18. (Well he says 18) T.I.M started attending the infamous Shine at the Queens student union.

Where he experienced the full force of techno. You know stomach churning bass and high end percussion that makes you ears cry for mercy?! Spun by legends of the scene, Phil Kieran, Alan Simms, Ben Simms, Green Velvet, Dave Clarke, Carl Cox, Dj Rush. Fast forward a few years to 2011, which saw T.I.M become a resident on Fnoob techno hosting his own show called Organised Chaos every 4 weeks.

2011 also saw him team up with Dr Hoffmann (Blind Spot) & Bawn Trubble (Vicious circle) to bring their techno sound to the Manchester with a night called Condemned with Inigo Kennedy and Perc already headlining. 2012 is now upon us and set to take T.I.M to new highs with many new projects up and coming, stay tuned for what is set to be an exciting year...

New Breed Of The Blind Spot 034




New Breed Of The Blind Spot 034 | T.I.M.

01, Dkult - Free Ride - Fnoob Techno Album
02, Free Ride - Verve - Fnoob Techno Album
03, Bathsh3ba - Luvtonez - Fnoob Techno Album
04, GO!DIVA - Strike - Fnoob Techno Album
05, Enrico Fuerte - Milfshake - Fnoob Techno Album
06, Peja - Ignition (Gabeen & Dr Hoffmann Rework)- Blind Spot Music (Promo)
07, Peja - Dedicated To (2nd Chance Mix)- Blind Spot Music (Promo)
08, Erphun - Still Crazy (Markantonio Remix) - Brood Audio
09, Secret Cinema & Kalden Bess (aka m0h) - Bam Bam (Sasha Carassi Remix)- Ground factory records
10, Peder - Neverending Path (Peja Infinite Mix)- Blind Spot Music
11, Daz Furey - Take the pain away - Fnoob Techno Album
12, Metric - Paris 368 km - Fnoob Techno Album