nb033 / techno / 14.02.2012

artist biography

After raving hard for a long time through big events and festivals, Serial discovered greater pleasure in doing his own music than simply listening to others.

Instantly, he began spending countless hours learning the art of djing and working closely with production programs.
With a positive approach to the scene and a quality choice of tracks he managed, for a short time, to spread his style of music within his country and worldwide, gaining the attention of many fans. He is riding the creative and sharing wave, making as many tracks & mixes he can and sharing them.

After just a few promo mixes on local and international radio stations, his first bookings came as result with regional Dj’s such as Faktor X, Adwarf, Sinisa Lukic, Forest People, Sasa Radic, Miroslav Pavlovic, Alex, Locust, Q’le & many others.
2009 is marked as a year when he started with popular Freaks show @ Fnoob radio where he hosted Steve Parker, Alan Fitzpatrick, Fidelty Kastrow and many others. 2010 is marked with a win on the contest for Exit Music Conference.

Where he had a master-class inside Exit Festival with Josh Wink, Tim Exile, Laidback Luke, Moderat, Jonty Skruf…
2011 is marked as a production year. Serial is working hard in his studio & waiting for his first digital releases.

New Breed Of The Blind Spot 033




New Breed Of The Blind Spot 033 | Serial

01, Mick Finesse – Seditation Chamber (Original Mix)
02, Forest People – Yog-Sothoth (unreleased promo)
03, Niereich – Flow Velocity (Original Mix)
04, Unbalance – Distress (Original Mix)
05, Cabarete Groove – Omni On Mono (Drumcell Remix)
06, Frankyeffe – Twisted (Orignal Mix)
07, Egor Boss – Kobra (Original Mix)
08, Jey Pee Razz – Dann (Drumcomplex Remix)
09, Sublected – B V1
10, Spiros Kaloumenos – Second Skin (A-Brothers Remix)
11, DJ Emerson – Brokery (Kalden Bess 5AM Mix)
12, Function – Descending
13, Mr Jones – Armory (Original Mix)
14, A. Mochi – Black Reigns
15, Huga Paixao – Awakened (Shin Nishimura Remix)
16, Mikael Pfeiffer – Trabs (Original Mix)
17, Cortechs – Presynaptic (Original Mix)
18, Audio Injection – Condition (Tex-Rec Remix)
19, Blood & Tears – Demise (Niereich Remix)
20, Phase – Binary Opposition (Process 2)
21, Delta Funktionen – Torpor (Original Mix)
22, Reeko – Angels And Demons
23, Moderat – Seamonkey