Paul Haag

nb035 / techno / 02.07.2012

artist biography

Born in Hungary, he grew up on the South-West Side and started to party at a very young age, immediately picking up on the fever of the music. Started to play on small clubs and in houseparties.

Before he began playing parties in England, he started making tracks and sounds in his bedroom whit Reason 2. Take me for what I am or don't take me at all. Paul Haag draws on his varied taste in music from underground scene to take you on a tour of the deep side of reality, mind and soul through his vision of rhythmic percussive style. Throughout the years PAUL HAAG has committed himself to the art of rhythm & drums.

Now he is BeatStation UK resident.

New Breed Of The Blind Spot 035

Paul Haag



New Breed Of The Blind Spot 035 | Paul Haag

01, Forward Strategy Group - Labour Division (Original Mix)
02, Plankton - Edding (Original Mix)
03, Xhin - She's the Disease (Original Mix)
04, Cari Lekebusch - Slajdmedel (Original Mix)
05, Alexey Volkov - Corner (Original Mix)
06, SP-X - Stalker (Original Mix)
07, Knobs - Congo (Kid Mistik Remix)
08, Thomas - Retina Scan (SCB Edit)
09, Plankton - SmithTurnal (Original Mix)
10, Lakker - Arc (Original Mix)