Norbert Hoffmann

bs288 / Techno / 20.06.2018

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Norbert Hoffmann (previously known as Dr. Hoffmann)

Blind Spot 288

Norbert Hoffmann



Welcome to another Blind Spot Radio Show, right here right now. I have received lots of great promos in the past weeks and I am gonna be playing my favorite ones in the next 60 minutes. 
Few names as a tastemaker: Ricardo Garduno, Flug, Oscar Mulero,  Spiros Kaloumenos, Ecologist and many more. Sounds catchy, doesn't it?. So Turn up the volume and let the music do the talking instead of me. Enjoy


Blind Spot 288 | Norbert Hoffmann

01. Ricardo_Garduno - Once Again (Original Mix)
02. Echologist - Dispatch (Original Mix)
03. Mark Broom - Dank (Flug Remix)
04. Dykkon - Falok (Keikari Remix)
05. Moddullar - Ordinary Mind (Original Mix)
06. Ricardo Garduno - Serenity & Anxiety (Original Mix)
07. Shlomo - Obsession (Oscar Mulero Remix)
08. Spiros Kaloumenos - Baryon (Original Mix)
09. Flug - Network Slaves (Original Mix)
10. Izars - Heretic s-Fork (Original Mix)
11. Selección Natural - Molecular Genetics (Original Mix)
12. -2 - TL1 (Original Mix) Modulhertz
13. Rocky Miller - Disengaged (Original Mix)
14. Mediane - Infinity (Original Mix)
15. Astronomy Domine - Largo (Original Mix)