Mars Bil

nb017 / techno / tech-house / 29.12.2010

artist biography

Mars Bill is born in Avellino (Italy) in 1992 and he has loved all kinds of music since he was very young. At the age of 12 he bought his first mixer and 2 turntables and thus he began to play old school funky music and at the same time to compose.

When he was 16, he moved himself to the electronic atmosphere and then he starts  to compose techno music but with a lot of funky sounds.

Now you can find his tracks on beatport signed by: Minitec Series (Uto Karem’s label), Capsula (Sasha Carassi’s label), Impact Mechanics (Submerge 101′s label), Blind Spot Music (Dr Hoffmann’s label) and more…

New Breed Of The Blind Spot 017

Mars Bil



New Breed Of The Blind Spot 017 | Mars Bil

01, Fergie – Liquid Brain – Excentric Muzic
02, Roberto Capuano – Running Shadow – Loose Records
03, Tom Hades – Equialoco (Brian Sanhaji Remix) – Rhythm Converted
04, Fergie – Don’t Loose Your Head – Excentric Muzic
05, Gregor Tresher – Through Dusty Windows – Drumcode
06, Markantonio – Dott. Pepper – Unrilis
07, Egbert – Die Acid Plaat – Cocoon Recordings
08, Miki Litvak – Pollinator (Gary Beck Remix) – Punch Music
09, Slam – Cacophony – Drumcode
10, Bawn Trubble – Toxic Breakfast (Mars Bill, Dr. Hoffmann Remix) – Promo
11, Sasha Carassi – Hypercombo – Drumcode
12, Unkle – Follow Me Down Feat. Sleepy Sun (Fergie Excentric Muzik Mix) – Excentric Muzic
13, Virgil Enzinger – Odic Force (Audio Injection Remix) – Blind Spot Music