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bs284 / Techno / 20.03.2015

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Currently based in Spain, lived 8 years in the UK but originating from Hungary, Dr. Hoffmann has been involved in the Techno scene since the early 1990s.

Dr Hoffmann best known for his damagingly dark, technically precise and high voltage live sets. Whip crowds into a frenzy from border to border as his hugely acclaimed style and musical perception reaches the furthest corners of Europe and beyond. Covering all styles of Techno from the deep and dark industrial dub sounds to the full throttle peak time smashers we all know and love “The Doc’s” got it covered and in the box. 

Dr Hoffmann has teamed up with the Hungarian Techno producer Gabeen since 2011. Their collaboration is going from strength to strength and confidently infecting the Techno world with their unique sounds. Their originals were remixed by none others than Alex Bau, Submerge, Measure Divide, Subfractal… and other remixes are coming up by Torsten Kanzler, Michael Schwarz, MDS…

Dr Hoffmann and Gabeen besides their original tracks are busy with remixes although their motto is “more quality, less quantity”. They have made remixes for producers such as Bas Mooy, Virgil Enzinger, Michael Schwarz, Ryuji Takeuchi, Yan Cook, Forest People, Niereich, Mas Teeveh, Peder, Peja and the list goes on.

Sole creator, host & pioneer of the world renowned Blind Spot, the groundbreaking radio show to repeatedly deliver the goods week in week out bringing you the best in underground electronic dance music from around the globe. Syndicated worldwide on over 60 FM, satellite, digital and internet stations, on virtually every continent, the Blind Spot has both hemispheres covered and continues to move from strength to strength every passing day. It has become one of the most popular radio shows on the planet for Techno…

Dr Hoffmann is also the man behind Blind Spot Music label that’s goal is the same as the radio show deliver quality Techno music to the masses and widen the people’s musical taste. Blind Spot Music label has had 27 digital releases up to today from international artists such as Alex Bau, A.Paul, Drumcell, Audio Injection, Scalameriya, Go Hiyama, Kalden Bess aka m0h, Virgil Enzinger, Miss Sunshine, Raiz, Michael Schwarz and the tracks being charted and played by heavy weights like Speedy J, Chris Liebing, Len Faki & Adam Beyer to name a few. 

Late 2013 Blind Spot launches its vinyl series with Bas Mooy – King of Echo Echo EP with remixes from Justin Berkovi, Ascion & D. Carbone and Gabeen & Dr Hoffmann.

Blind Spot 284

Dr Hoffmann



Blind Spot has stopped in January but Dr Hoffmann returns with a special edition! Enjoy!


Blind Spot 284 | Dr Hoffmann

01. The Plant Worker – Rectal / Dynamic Reflection
02. P.E.A.R.L. – HOG I / Falling Ethics
03. Exium – Unipolar / Mord
04. Traumhaft – Dyssomnia / Drowne
05. A.Paul – Storm (Dorian Knox Remix) / Silent Storm
06. Leandro Gamez – Qssett / SUB
07. UVL – Absolute Hatred / Energun
08. Splinter (UA) – Death Machine (Fixon Remix) / Vector Functions
09. Fixon – They Ceceived Us / Amazone
10. Gabeen & Monocraft – Chaotic Thoughts
11. Alhek – Metropole / Mechanical Thoughts
12. Tommy Four Seven – OX2 / CLR
13. Yuuki Sakai – AC004
14. Aerts – Volan 3 / Authentic Pew
15. Mark Morris, Unam Zetineb – Mano10 / Mano
16. Ogle – TR / 101B
17. C-System & Gabeen – Black Skies (Dr Hoffmann Remix) / Elektrax
18. Splinter (UA) – Oderc / Vector Functions
19. Christian Wunsch – Fixed Fraction / Polegroup