Amir Razanica

nb036 / techno / 03.09.2012

artist biography

Amir Razanica, Brcko (BiH), was born on november 26th in 1981 .When i was five years old my parents gave me some synthesizers as a gift and from there on began my interest in music. In the mid 90's, i started listening to electronic music. Since then I follow all the modern styles of the clubbing scene. In 2000 i've started with DJ-ing and became a fan of the harder techno sound. For many years i've held thousands and thousands of techno tracks and vinyls in my hands but that would stop in the end of 2011 when i've decided to start producing my own tracks.
My style of music is Techno and Dark Techno.

New Breed Of The Blind Spot 036

Amir Razanica



New Breed Of The Blind Spot 036 | Amir Razanica

01, Klinika - Soda (Original Mix)
02, Bas Mooy - Wesp (Original Mix)
03, Angel Costa - Diazepam (Original Mix)
04, A-Brothers - 5G (Original Mix)
05, Deh-Noizer - Metadrome (Original Mix)
06, Michael Schwarz - Junk City (Original Mix)
07, Mauro Picotto - Kuhmaras (Chris Liebing remix)
08, Plankton - Edding (Mark Broom Rmx)
09, Jan Fleck - Locked in the Trunk (Original Mix)
10, Spektre - Lexicon Lost (Original Mix)
11, Submerge - 2F4F4F (Original Mix)
12, Roberto Capuano - Antares (OriginalMix)
13, Octave, Dolby D - Human Garbage (Original Mix)
14, Kai Randy Michel - Sea Of Nothingness (Original Mix)
15, Hans Bouffmyhre, Lex Gorrie - Sibling Rivalry (Original Mix)