Dr. Hoffmann


Originating from Hungary, Dr. Hoffmann has been involved in the Techno scene since the early 1990s. Firstly as a listener/reveller, then following the natural progression moved into Dj'ing & event promotion and since then this gent has gone from strength to strength.

'The Doc' - best known for his damagingly dark, technically precise and high voltage live sets. Whip crowds into a frenzy from border to border as his hugely acclaimed style and musical perception reaches the furthest corners of Europe and beyond. Covering all styles of Techno from the deep and dark industrial dub sounds to the full throttle peak time smashers we all know and love 'The Docs' got it covered and in the box.

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Dr Hoffmann live from Benidorm - Blind Spot 250

 - drh009

Dr Hoffmann at La Clinica, Castellon in Spain

 - drh008

Dr Hoffmann - Mastertraxx Podcast 146

 - drh007
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