Dr Hoffmann

Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl

bs165 / techno / 24.07.2012

artist biography

The two austrian techno artists produce electronic music together since 2009 and after some experience in different genres they specialized themselves in Techno.
To push the boundaries of electronically technoid sounds, they play as DJ‘s or as Live Acts, to show Techno as an attitude of life, not only as a music-genre.

The productions are based on compounded, often uneven, but flowing, harmonic rhythms with an minimal melodic influence whereby peaktime always take the backseat.
In the year 2010 they have founded the music label Audio Stimulation Recordings for physical and digital music distribution.
Since that a lot of great Artists released there, for example Perc, Chris Hope and Andre Walter, Niereich, Andreas Kraemer, Submerge and many more.

With this new fusion they create their own crashing and limitless sound, to show the contrast to the ordinary club-played techno and implant their new style in the musical culture of today.

Blind Spot Radio Show 165

Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl & Dr Hoffmann



Blind Spot Radio Show 165 | Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl & Dr Hoffmann

01. Morgan Tomas - Slicing (Original Mix) [AUDIO STIMULATION RECORDINGS] *upcoming*
02. Niereich, Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl - Machinery Circus (Gabeen & Dr. Hoffmann Rework) [BLIND SPOT MUSIC]
03. Mas Teeveh - M2 (Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl Stage Dive) [DARKNET]
04. Hans Bouffmyhre - Hypnosis (Original Mix) [ELECTRIC DELUXE]
05. Forest People - Magot (Niereich, Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl Mix) [AUDIO STIMULATION RECORDINGS]
06. Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl - Walhall (Audio Injection Mix) [AUDIO STIMULATION RECORDINGS] *upcoming*
07. Lorino - Carta (Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl Remix) [BLACK STAR RECORDS]
08. Chris Hope & Andre Walter - Histidin (Submerge Mix) [AUDIO STIMULATION RECORDINGS] *upcoming*
09. Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl - Zork (Yan Cook Mix) [AUDIO STIMULATION RECORDINGS]
10. Niereich - Flow Velocity (Andreas Kraemer Mix) [AUDIO STIMULATION RECORDINGS]
11. Cari Lekebusch - Pinnacle Of Desolation (Original Mix) [H-PRODUCTIONS]
12. Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl - Troopers (Electrorites Remix) [SHOUT RECORDS]
13. Mark Broom - SQ18 (Rave Mix) [COCOON RECORDINGS]