Attemporal interview

The Doc talks with the Spanish Techno duo Attemporal

2013-08-05 11:54:37

Dr Hoffmann's interview with Salva Cotanda & David Sierra the Spanish Techno duo Attemporal. Check out the full show with an amazing guest mix from Attemporal by clicking HERE.

Dr Hoffmann: First of all, what is Attemporal?

Attemporal: Attemporal is more than a musician duo, we are like a family. We were friends before to start to make music as Attemporal. Attemporal also is a musical lifestyle. We took that name because we think that good music does not expire (Atemporal means "It does not refer to time" in Spanish), a great track still good after 10 years. Also we took the name because we make music with sounds from the past, sounds that are traveling with the techno music since the beginning of its history.

Dr Hoffmann: I have been following you since the Att 1 release, that got from me uncountable play time. Since then you have had great releases, What are some of your latest as well as upcoming ones?

Attemporal: Well, we are very excited with our next releases on ATT SERIES, we´d like work with all the artists who we are loving during a lot of years, and therefore our releases come in this way, artists such as Samuli Kemppi, Juho Kusti, Brendon Moeller, Sleeparchive or Tadeo... and of course we also like support new artist that are making HQ music like Iori, Kwartz ,Future 16 or Takaaki Itoh. So they are some of the names that you´ll find in the latest and upcoming releases.
But not only on ATT, you all must to know that we are running another label called Microfreak Records wich we use as a platform to publish original music of great artists and where we have some scheduled releases by Mike Storm, Sebastian Roya, ischion, Greenbeam & Leon and more.

Dr Hoffmann: What we should know about your label, ATT Series? Whats coming up on it?

Attemporal: Well, just when we are calling with you our second vinyl release is avaible on and in some weeks in every vinyl shops worldwide, and in september it will be released in digital format. Later same month(September) or early october we´ll release the ATT7 just on digital format remixed by Takaaki Itoh and The Plant Worker... and before 2014 we´ll release the third Vinyl Series with a Bomb from ATTAC, you know who they are??......hehehehe

Dr Hoffmann: Where can we catch you live in the coming months, also what are your major plans for the rest of 2013?

Attemporal: We have big clubs to visit for the first time, and other clubs to visit again.
We can say 100% confirmed that we are coming back to one of our fav clubs as is Cassete in Madrid, Cassete´s Atmosphere is unbelievable and it´s always a good to play there.... but we are also excited
But we are also very excited to visit for the first time Consumed Club in Mallorca and Minimal Club in Antibes ,France.
That´s all we can say so far.

Dr Hoffmann: Finally please tell us about the guest mix!?

Attemporal: We do not choose the tracks before to play never, well just the first one hehehe. Then we play the tracks that we feel in that moment. So this mix it´s a sample of our feelings, hope you all enjoy it!

Dr Hoffmann: Thanks for the interview and the music, all the best for the future!

Attemporal: Thanks Norbert