Miss Kittin interview

Dr Hoffmann's interview with Miss Kittin who is this week's guest on Blind Spot

2012-11-01 02:51:28

As many of you know Blind Spot is celebrating its 4th birthday these days. First time in the show's history we are publishing written interview instead of audio. The reason is unfortunately The Doc could not to catch Miss Kittin due to her holiday.
But as the show must go on here is the interview that he's done with Miss Kittin who was the guest of the third episode of Blind Spot's 4 birthday series.
And if it not enough for you check out Miss Kittin's guest mix on Blind Spot! By clicking HERE. Enjoy!

First of all, thanks for taking the time for the interview as well as providing the guest mix for Blind Spot Radio Show’s 4th Birthday. We are heading towards the end of the year, how has 2012 been for you?
Busy, with nice gigs, and some time off to enjoy a proper summer.

Everything is constantly changing in the electronic music scene. Sub genres are coming and dying. How would you describe your current sounds?
I think it's not to me to describe it. I am definitely an eclectic DJ. I like uplifting music, with strong kicks, and melodies here and there. I can't play the same thing for 2 hours. I play more or less everything; minimal, house, tech house, electro, etc...

What is the most annoying thing in the current music business?

DJs who think they are rock stars behaving like divas.

Did you think almost 20 decades ago when you started out as a DJ that you will be one day where you are now?

Never... I never even thought I would be a DJ. It happened, and I took every chance as the last one, day by day. I wanted to be free. And I am.

What artists are you currently enjoying listening  / playing to?
My girls of course, Maya Jane Coles, Tini, Heidi, Magda, but also people like Tale of Us last weekend, Seth Troxler, Loco Dice, Ame and Dixon are nearly my favorite!

How are things production wise? What are some of your latest ones?
I am about to release a double album, all produced by me for the first time. I am very excited... It's a big achievment for me.

What we should know about your upcoming album? Have you got the release date yet?
Spring next year. First part of the album is very minimalist pop, and the second is totally electronica-ambient.

Can we expect any extraordinary projects, collaborations from you in the near future, if it not a secret? (My personal favourite one is the classics duett with Sven Vath, that actually was played at my wedding during the ceremony :)
Waouh... that's quite something to hear... Congratulations for the wedding!
I have a single with Kris Menace coming out on November 7th, a song in French with DOP french project called "fils du Calvaire", and a great EP together with Marc Houle...

What else does the rest of 2012 have in store for you?
Preparing the album and visiting Macchu Picchu on my South American tour.

And finally please tell us about your guest mix.
I did it in Ibiza last summer. It's dedicated it to Tini after she did a beautiful remix of my track on Heidi's Jackathon release, called "Girlz".